One child at a time

We are a US 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to keeping students enrolled at quality schools in rural Ghana.

About Us

Because of poverty, many children are in danger of losing their education. In the countryside, there still remain over 4.6 million impoverished Ghanaians, and 50% of children in poverty work to help support their families. This deters their development, and their individual potential to improve their communities. We want to foster their talent and energy, which is why we are determined to keep them in school.

Children from higher income families are 6 times more likely to progress higher in their schooling than children from lower income families.

Through a rigorous process, we identify entrepreneurial, low cost schools that are led by native teachers spearheading bold innovations in education. We then select students who are at the greatest risk of leaving school due to financial reasons, and we partner with donors to fundraise their tuition. We focus on students with strong family support that show a history of financial instability and support their progress through affordable private schools. Our approach has the advantage of taking the initiative rather than waiting for a crisis to happen. And, while our work is spearheading education in rural Ghana, we are also building a transformative model, aiming to improve standards of education in the rest of the world.

When we founded nKoso, we first looked at ourselves and realized that our own education was the force that had shaped us into who we are today. We learned that denying a proper education to a child is in effect denying them their individuality. This insight, combined with our Ghanaian roots and experience with Ghana’s educational system, inspired us to make our evolving vision a reality.

We believe in providing an education that empowers children to experiment with ideas, to relate with others in new ways, and to cultivate independent thought. Communities benefit from fully developed individuals. Educated young men and women will become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, defining their economies, and producing the next generation of leaders. They will become global citizens who address the world’s most urgent problems, and promote peace.

Our future depends on educated men and women. With your help, we are committed to providing educational resources for all.

Our Team


Anna Owusu

Co-Founder, Vision


Sylvester Owusu

Co-Founder, Operations


Ben Blodgett

Co-Founder, Tech


Stephen Asare

Ghana Operations


Alex Morse



Eric Fernandez