Bridget is currently in Grade 3 at Yesu Mmo


Age: 9

School: Yesu Mmo


This student's original goal of $172 has been adjusted to not include a $10 money transfer fee. The remaining $10 was applied to another student's education. Donors have been made aware of this change. You can learn more here.

Bridget is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. She enjoys skipping rope and reading. She attends an affordable private school in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana in West Africa. Students in Sub-Saharan Africa are among the world's most vulnerable. Approximately 11 million students living in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana leave school before completing their primary school education. Students in rural communities are particularly vulnerable. They are two times as likely to not be in school as children in urban areas.

Bridget is adopted and lives in a home that is cared for by her guardian, who earns an income as a petty trader. Her income is not substantial. She is responsible for four children including Bridget and it is not easy for her to care for her family on her unreliable income. Tuition assistance for Bridget will not only benefit her, but help make life easier for the rest of her family as well. African women that are educated earn 25% more income than those that are not and are three times less like to contract HIV/AIDS. Bridget is an eager student who enjoys studying English and hopes to be a banker. For fun she enjoys reading and skipping rope.

The cost to send Bridget to school this year is $173. Providing her tuition cost will ease the burden of her guardian and allow for other family needs to be met! Together we can easily support Bridget's future success by ensuring that her education is not disrupted!


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