Ransford is currently in Kindergarten 2 at St. Cecilia Educational Centre


Age: 5

School: St. Ceciia


Ransford is 5 years old and in kindergarten at St. Cecilia Educational Centre. He lives in a rural community in the Brong Ahafo region in mid-western Ghana. Children in Sub-Saharan Africa are most vulnerable to not completing an education, as 1 in 6 drop out by 2nd grade. Many people in Ransford's community were not formally educated which makes it difficult for them to earn a sustainable income. Parents desire a brighter future for their children and are turning to affordable private schools. Public education in developing countries often doesn't provide adequate services to students. They struggle with over-crowding and a lack of staff accountability.

Ransford enjoys learning English and playing football (soccer). He says he wants to be a priest or a soldier when he grows up, and his father fondly describes him as a shy, energetic, funny and smart child. He lives with both of his parents and three siblings. Ransford's father is a teacher in a private school. He earns a limited salary that makes it difficult to both support his wife and send his four children to school.

Ransford is young and with our help he will have a bright future ahead of him. His family is already finding it difficult to afford his education, but they recognize the importance of sending him to school. Let's make their dream a reality for their son. For only $110 we can provide a year of education for Ransford!


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