Lawren is currently in Grade 6 at Yesu Mmo

Lawrencia kyeremaa

Age: 12

School: Yesu Mmo


Lawren is a 12 year old 6th grader in the Brong Ahafo region of mid-western Ghana. Children in rural communities like Lawren's are two times likely not attend school than students in urban areas. Many in the community are not formally educated and as a result struggle to earn sustainable income.

Lawren is a calm and intelligent student who hopes to be a nurse when she grows up and enjoys studying math. She is cared for by her aunt. Her father died and there is no mention of her mother. Her aunt is responsible for two other children as well as Lawren, and finds it difficult to support the family. She works as a petty trader selling tomatoes. She earns little to no profit from her efforts.

Education not only provides better future income opportunities, but also decreases the changes of contracting HIV/AIDS in young girls. Working together we can fund Lawren's $172 school tuition and ensure that she is educated for a year!


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Completed on 01/21/14

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100% Funded!

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