Carol is currently in Grade 1 at Yesu Mmo.

Carol (2)

Age: 8

School: Yesu Mmo


Carol is an 8 year old 1st grader in a rural community in mid-western Ghana. Children in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana are at greater risk for not completing school. Nearly half of the world's primary school-age children that are not in school live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Carol attends Yesu Mmo, an affordable private school. In developing countries, parents often prefer to send their children to low-fee private schools because the problems of the public schools are systemic and chronic.

Carol is a very talkative and smart student. She likes math and participates in the mathematics club. She dreams of being a nurse when she grows up. Carol is cared for by her grandfather because her father has passed away. He cares for an additional 3 children and provides for them by working a security post at a nearby hospital. He reports that his income is very little and not enough to support his entire family.

An educated woman in Africa will earn a 25% higher income and is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family. It's important for young girls to receive an education in order to enhance their future. With $172 we can support Carol in school for a year. Donate even just $5 to Carol's future!


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