Gifty is currently in Grade 7 at Yesu Mmo

Gifty takyiwaa

Age: 14

School: Yesu Mmo


Gifty is a 14 year old 7th grader in the Brong Ahafo region of mid-western Ghana. Many people in her rural community do not have a formal education and struggle to earn sustainable income. School-age children in rural communities are more likely to not attend school than those in urban environments. Gifty is already behind in school mostly due to financial instability.

Gifty is a smart student. Her favorite subject at school is the religious and moral education class. She likes playing football (soccer) and hopes to be a footballer when she gets older. She admires Lionel Messi (a professional footballer from Argentina). She is cared for by her stepmother because her father has abandoned the family. Her stepmother not only provides for Gifty and two other children, but also for Gifty's mother who has been sick for the past 4 years and is not able to earn any income. Gifty's stepmother sells plantain at the local market and earns very little profit.

For an African woman an education means she will be less likely to contract HIV/AIDS and earn 25% more income than those who are not educated. With our help we can guarantee a year of uninterrupted education for Gifty!


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