Latif is currently attending Grade 6 at St. Cecilia Educational Center

Agyei kwadwo latif

Age: 12

School: St. Cecilia


This student's original goal of $174 has been adjusted to not include a $10 money transfer fee. The remaining $10 was applied to another student's education. Donors have been made aware of this change. You can learn more here.

Latif is a 12 year old 6th grader in the Brong Ahafo region in mid-western Ghana. There are approximately 72 million primary school-age children in the world that are not in school and about half of them live in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana. Latif lives in a rural community near the border of the Ivory Coast. Regardless of the hardships in the community, Latif attends an affordable private school called St. Cecilia Educational Centre. Affordable private schools are a growing trend in developing countries as parents prefer them to the public school systems that are struggling to meet the educational needs of a large numbers of students.

Latif is a quiet student who keeps to himself. His favorite subject is math, but he wants to be a footballer (soccer player) one day because he really enjoys playing the game. He admires a Ghanaian professional soccer player named Fatao Daudo. He lives with his mother and his two siblings. His father died when he was 4 years old and his mother has been the sole provider ever since. She makes a living as a petty trader, earning meager wages. Her income is not consistent or substantial. She has two other children in school and she finds it very difficult to make ends meet, but she is determined to educate her children.

To guarantee a year of school for Latif, we need to come together and raise $174. Imagine what it would mean to Latif and his single mother to know that people care enough to provide a year of education!


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