Sandra will be enrolled at Yesu Mmo for the 2013-2014 year.


Age: 5

School: Yesu Mmo


Sandra is a 5 year old kindergarten student in a rural community in of mid-western Ghana. Of the 72 million primary school-age children that aren't in school about half of them reside in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana. Parents in developing countries are increasingly disappointed in the public school systems and prefer to send their children to affordable private schools like Yesu Mmo.

Sandra's guardianship has been taken over by her grandmother, who is already responsible for 5 other children. Her parents earn a living as farmers, but are only able to do so in a village whose school has a poor educational system and high, unaffordable fees. Sandra's grandmother believes that education is important and is doing all she can to create brighter futures for her grandchildren. Sandra is an energetic and smart student who enjoys studying English and playing ampe with her friends. She hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Sandra is currently enrolled in a public school, but her guardian believes that an affordable private school would offer her a better education. Together we can make this possible. Sandra's tuition fee includes the cost to attend school ($115) as well the cost for text books/stationary ($42), exercise books ($8), school uniform with footwear ($50), school lunch/bus transportation ($166) cost for the year. Let's create opportunity for Sandra!


Student Release

Completed on 01/21/14

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