Samuella is currently in Grade 5 at Yesu Mmo.


Age: 10

School: Yesu Mmo


This student's original goal of $173 has been adjusted to not include a $10 money transfer fee. The remaining $10 was applied to another student's education. Donors have been made aware of this change. You can learn more here.

Samuella is a 10 year old 5th grader living in Ghana. One in 6 students in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ghana leave school before the 2nd grade. Samuella lives in a rural community in the Brong Ahafo region in the mid-western part of Ghana. In Africa an educated woman makes 25% more income. Staying in school will enhance Samuella's future. Educated women are also more likely to have smaller and healthier families, and less likely to contract HIV/AIDS.

Samuella is a kind, energetic student who likes to study math and hopes to be a lawyer one day. For fun she enjoys reading. Her mother came to the small rural community and gave birth to Samuella and her twin brother in the community. She wasn't from the area and didn't have any family or friend connections. She died during childbirth and the members of the community were not able to locate the father or the family. Samuella and her twin brother were taken in by a generous guardian. Samuella attends an affordable private school called Yesu Mmo. A public school still incurs a number of hidden fees that can be nearly comparable to tuition at an affordable private school.

Despite the cost and the struggle, Samuella's guardian wants a quality education for Samuella. She believes that education is the road out of poverty. While her guardian is having a difficult time providing for Samuella, we could easily help this generous family by together contributing $173!


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