Lawrencia is currently in Grade 4 at Yesu Mmo

Lawrence kumi

Age: 11

School: Yesu Mmo


This student's original goal of $172 has been adjusted to not include a $10 money transfer fee. The remaining $10 was applied to another student's education. Donors have been made aware of this change. You can learn more here.

Lawrencia is an 11 year old 4th grader living in a rural community of the Brong Ahafo region of mid-western Ghana. Children in Sub-Saharan countries like Ghana are at greatest risk for not attending school. One in 6 leave school before the 2nd grade. Many people in Lawrencia's community are not formally educated and have a difficult time earning sustainable income.

Lawrencia is an engergetic student who likes to play football (soccer). Her favorite subject is math and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Lawrencia lives with her aunt who also cares for three other children. Lawrencia's mother died in a road accident and there was no mention of her father. Her aunt provides for the family by selling safe drinking water, but doesn't make enough to meet the needs of her family.

Lawrencia and her family need our help. Her aunt is working hard to provide for the needs of the children in her care, but is not able to earn enough. An education wold provide an opportunity for a better future for Lawrencia. With $173 we can make a difference to this family!


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