Japhtha is currently in primary school at St. Cecilia Educational Centre.

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Age: 6

School: St. Cecilia


Together with 2 donors we made sure Japhtha's school fee was paid for the 2013-2014 academic school year! Now we are fundraising for Japhtha's 2014-2015 academic year

Japhtha is 6 years old. He will be attending Grade 2 at an affordable private school called St. Cecilia Educational Centre in Ghana. Affordable private schools are an increasingly popular model of school in developing countries. "Free" public schools in developing countries like Ghana often have a number of hidden fees that can be as costly as an affordable private school. Public schools suffer from over-crowding and a lack of staff accountability.

In Ghana, the literacy rate is approximately 70% and it's not uncommon for many adults in Japhtha's community to not have formal education. Many are not able to provide a sustainable income for their families. An additional year of education in a community like Japhtha's can mean approximately a 10% increase in future income. Japhtha is an energetic and smart student. He likes learning English and wants to be a policeman when he is grown up. He enjoys playing football (soccer) with his friends and admires Lionel Messi (a famous footballer from Argentina). Japhtha lives with his mother and his sibling. His father has abandoned the family and his mother is not sure where he is now. She earns a living for her family by selling fish, but reports that there is little income from her trade. She has been sending Japhtha to school on credit from the school and struggling to pay them back.

Japhtha and his family need our help. We can ease the burden on his mother and ensure that she has the financial means to pay for Sylvester's education this year. While paying this cost is an enormous sacrifice and often extremely difficult for Japhtha's mother, together we can easily contribute this amount!


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Completed on 08/26/14

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Completed on 02/17/15

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Completed on 03/26/15

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100% Funded!

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