Elvis is currently attending Grade 7 at St. Cecilia Educational Center.

Tieku elvis

Age: 14

School: St. Cecilia


This student's original goal of $173 has been adjusted to not include a $10 money transfer fee. The remaining $10 was applied to another student's education. Donors have been made aware of this change. You can learn more here.

Elvis is a 14 years old 7th grader. He lives in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Children living in Sub-Saharan countries like Ghana are less likely to complete school. One in 6 leave school before 2nd grade. Elvis lives in a rural community near the Ivory Coast border. Many members of the community are not formally educated and struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Even for students in school like Elvis, it is difficult for parents to afford the cost. Elvis attends an affordable private school; a school with a mission to serve the poor. Affordable private schools have become a trend in developing countries as the public school systems are struggling to adequately educate the vast number of young people. Despite being tuition free, public schools typically have a number of hidden fees that can be just as difficult to pay as tuition to a private school. Most parents would struggle to pay a bit more for a quality education.

Elvis attends St. Cecilia Educational Centre where his favorite subject is social studies. He loves to play football (soccer) and wants to be a professional footballer (soccer player) like Cristiano Ronaldo when he grows up. Elvis lives with his mother and two siblings. His father abandoned the family a number of years ago. His mother trades various food items such as cassava, plaintain, and yams in order to pay for Elvis' school tuition.

Elvis' mother is struggling to make ends meet, let alone send him to school. For only $17 we can provide a year of education for Elvis and relieve some stress and burden from his mother. Donate as little as $5 to Elvis today!


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