Kelvin is currently in Grade 4 at Yesu Mmo.


Age: 11

School: Yesu Mmo


Kelvin is 11 years old and in the 4th grade. He lives in rural community in Ghana where it is often difficult for families to provide quality education for their children because their income is not reliable. When a parent or guardian is not able to pay the tuition costs, a student can be sent home from school, delaying their education. Kelvin lives with his mother and his older brother, Philip (another nKoso student). His father died a few years ago and it has been difficult for his mother to pay the tuition costs for Kelvin and his brother. She earns income by selling re-usable cooking charcoal bags that she collects. This is hardly a consistent income to adequately education and care for her two children.

Kelvin is a shy and quiet student, who enjoys studying English. He is eager to learn and looks up to his older brother. He likes to play football and believes that going to school will make it possible for him to give back to his mother who sacrifices so much for him and his brother. It is important to Kelvin's mother that he complete his education, so he can create a better future for himself.

Despite her hardships, Kelvin's mother remains optimistic about her child's future and is determined to provide an education for Kelvin. Kelvin recently transferred to Yesu Mmo. This is the second year we have been able to fundraise for him. Without the financial burden of school tuition, Kelvin's mother can focus on providing for the other needs of her children. For only $74 we can make this happen!


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